10 Best Ways to Test your Idea

Anything worth doing is worth doing right the first time Being a tester for the past decade, I can say that testing is not only inevitable , but also important to create and sustain a good reputation with your customer and in the market , as a whole. Once you have come up with anContinue reading “10 Best Ways to Test your Idea”

10 Ways to Unleash your Creative self

Creativity is one of the key ingredients of innovation as mentioned in my previous post 10 secret ingredients of innovation. Some people are blessed with ounces of creativity , however some are not. But on the brighter side, creativity is a skill which can be inculcated as a habit or enhanced further. Below are some pointersContinue reading “10 Ways to Unleash your Creative self”

10 secret ingredients of innovation

It is obvious that there is no shortcuts to creating successful products; however the are some secrets for the same. The recipe of innovation is fulfilled by the presence of these essential ingredients , which make it fail-proof. An innovator is akin to a chef where all the ingredients have to be mixed at theContinue reading “10 secret ingredients of innovation”

Dare to Dream

Innovation is not about years and years of thinking which turns into a product. It is about those micro moments of creativity which sparks the mind ,leading to an eye-opening solution to an existing problem. Some tips to trigger the spark , make it a frequent visitor are as follows: DEMOCRATIZE : If the product orContinue reading “Dare to Dream”