10 secret ingredients of innovation

It is obvious that there is no shortcuts to creating successful products; however the are some secrets for the same. The recipe of innovation is fulfilled by the presence of these essential ingredients , which make it fail-proof. An innovator is akin to a chef where all the ingredients have to be mixed at the right quantities to concoct the desired product. Lets take a close look at them.

1.Creativity – “Creativity is intelligence having fun” . Adding an artistic touch or thinking with a creative mindset can definitely give rise to innovative products. So embrace your passions, let your mind wander , build the fantasies in your head and turn it into reality. 10 Ways to Unleash your Creative self

2.Empathy – “You can only understand people if you feel them in yourself.” Being empathetic culminates into creating products with greater value proposition . In my post Dare to Dream, I explain empathy in further detail.

3.Execution mindset – “Ideas don’t make you rich. The execution does“. An idea by itself is nothing. It needs to be given shape and a form, in order for it to be reviewed and accepted by customers. The execution of the idea has to be as precise as the idea itself, so that its presented in the correct form as envisaged.

4.Systems Thinking – “Learn how to see. Realize how everything connects to everything” . We are in a world where everything is connected to one another (about 50 billion devices are connected to the internet).Thinking in this mindset helps you co-relate and assess the benefits/risks of the consequences.

5.Tech savy – We are part of ” The great growling engine of change – Technology” . Todays world is fueled by the this tech engine , which is driving us forward. A basic knowledge of technology is a must for any kind of innovation , so that it can be leveraged and used wisely as part of the solution.

6.Problem solving mindset– “A problem well stated is a problem half solved“. In order to solve a problem completely, it is imperative to define it correctly. One should have a knack for identifying and defining problems. It should also be kept in mind that multiple solutions are possible and the most optimal one would succeed.

7.Application mindset – “Knowledge is like a painting. It does not good until its applied”. All the knowledge acquired through years of education and experience has to be applied in the right manner in order to fabricate a product, from idea to reality.

8.Perserverance -“The only guarantee for failure is to stop trying“. All ideas don’t turn into overnight successes . From the idea conception to its realization , perseverance is key . When you are trying to enter and conquer a territory where no one has set foot before, obstacles are inevitable , all of them have to be faced with the same grit with which you came up with the idea.

9.Risk taking mindset – “Take the risk or lose the chance” . Coming up with something new has its own cons, there is an equal probability of failure, as success. Hence the risks have to be gauged correctly and the appetite for risk has to be adjusted throughout the execution period.

10.Oppurtunistic – “Success is where preparation and opportunities meet“. Its necessary to keep a lookout for opportunities which arise at every stage from conception to realization , which helps you present and release the product to the right target audience at the right time.

So what are you waiting for? Mix all these ingredients and create your dream product.


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