Dare to Dream

Innovation is not about years and years of thinking which turns into a product. It is about those micro moments of creativity which sparks the mind ,leading to an eye-opening solution to an existing problem. Some tips to trigger the spark , make it a frequent visitor are as follows:

DEMOCRATIZE : If the product or service is not accessible/engageable by all then it might not be worth it. The core idea of innovation is to reach the masses and lend them a helping hand in tackling their problems. Democratization not only offers advantages such as lower cost , but it also generates a platform for people to collaborate and contribute

REFORM : There are no transformations without reform. Changing the status quo is the only way forward. Whether it is mindset, culture, process, product or service it has to be reformed for the greater good. This can be achieved by constantly challenging status quo.

EMPHATHIZE: It is crucial to understand the customer pain points, identify gaps and put yourself in their shoes in order to visualize their problem and come up with a stunning solution. This is one of the best social tools to drive change and innovate.

ADAPT: In todays world where things are rapidly changing, adapting and staying agile is the way forward for any sort of new conceptions. Rapid prototyping , testing, correcting and releasing the product is essential in order to save time. This fosters a fail-fast culture which serves as a basis for risk analysis and enables to envision and realize multiple future outcomes.

MONETIZE: Finally, without the innovation fetching you some kind of pennies in your pocket. The rewards can be physical money in your account or a huge list of people who are added to your social network , who will serve as advocates for your future products.

Hope the above steps enables you to shed light on your dreams and give birth to the innovator in you! To know more about the secret ingredients on innovation , check out the post 10 secret ingredients of innovation.


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